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Miyagi Koto Association

In March 1951 students of Miyagi Michio, both in Japan and abroad, joined together to form the Miyagi Koto association with the goal of supporting each other to improve their artistic skills as well as to deepen their friendships. The Miyagi Koto Association not only works to make  Miyagi’s compositions better known, but also works to develop successive generations of leaders in Japanese music. For its work in this area, in 1994 the Miyagi Koto Association was awarded the 14th Pola Traditional Culture Special Prize from the Pola Foundation for the Promotion of Traditional Japanese Culture.

Miyagi Koto Association Concerts Nationwide
The nine branches of the Miyagi Koto Association across Japan as well as overseas members gather together for these concerts.
November 13, 1955  Hibiya Kōkaidō
June 23, 1957            Hibiya Kōkaidō
June 22, 1958            Hibiya Kōkaidō
June 23, 1962            Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
May 16,  1965            Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
May 4 and 5, 1968     Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
September 2 and 3, 1972      Tokyo Bunka Kaikan
August 29, 1975         NHK Hall
August 5 and 6,1978   National Theater, Large Hall
August,1, 1982           NHK Hall
August 4, 1985           NHK Hall
August 5, 1990           NHK Hall
July 17, 1994              NHK Hall
September 14,1997     NHK Hall
July 16, 2000              NHK Hall
July 24, 2005              Osaka Festival Hall
July 27, 2008              NHK Hall
July 25, 2010              Sapporo Education and Culture Hall
July 27, 2014              NHK Hall
September 8,  2018     Fukuoka Sun Palace Hall (forthcoming)
Miyagi Michio Memorial Contes
Each year since 1966 the Miyagi Koto Association has sponsored a koto contest with a performance division (adult and youth categories) and a composition division. This competition is not limited to Miyagi Koto Association members; anyone is welcome to enter, and many outstanding performers and composers have participated over the years.
Honoring Miyagi Michio
Many monuments in honor of Miyagi Michio’s achievements have been erected across Japan.
Miyagi Koto Association Overseas Concert
The Miyagi Koto Association holds concerts not only in Japan but overseas as well. In 1988, with the cooperation of Association branches across the United States, more than 270 people participated in the Miyagi Koto Association U.S. Concert. In 1995, with the cooperation of the Miyagi Koto Association members in Brazil, the Miyagi Koto Association Brazil Concert was held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japanese-Brazilian Friendship. In 2003, in celebration of the 110th anniversary of the birth of Miyagi Michio, Miyagi Michio Europe Concerts 2003 were held in England, Germany and France. Finally, in 2008, the Second Miyagi Koto Association Brazil concerts were held in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo to mark the 100th anniversary of Japanese-Brazilian immigration.

Miyagi Kotot Association Journal

The Miyagi Koto Association Journal has been published for the membership since the founding of the Association in 1951. In addition to containing news about and for Association members, this unique journal also includes research articles as well as commentary on interpreting Miyagi’s compositions.

Celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Miyagi Michio

In 1993-1994 a number of special events were held both in Japan and abroad in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of Miyagi Michio. Beginning with the appearance of the Emperor and Empress at the 100th Anniversary Concert, various concerts, exhibitions and lectures were held, monuments were dedicated (in Ise and Shirahama) and a number of related books, CDs and cassette tapes were published. In addition, in 1994 the Agency for Cultural Affairs sponsored a series of concerts over six nights. There were also special TV and radio programs and a 100th Anniversary commemorative stamp, all of which added up to a sensational series of events in the Japanese music world. The culmination of these activities was the publication in 1995 of The History of the Miyagi Koto School and the Miyagi Koto Association.  

Junior Association Membership

In 2013, the Junior Association Membership was established to promote the development of the next generation of koto musicians.

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